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Terms and Condition

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  1. Participants must be biologically female from birth
  2. Contestants must be in a state of good physical health.
  3. Age criteria 21+ years
  4. English will serve as the primary language of communication during the grand finale.
  5. Contestants in the competition are expected to maintain a dignified and respectable public persona. Participants should not have engaged in, and must commit to not engaging in, any photography, videography, or film projects related to nudity or pornography throughout their reign. They should also have no past or current employment involving partial or complete nudity. Mrs. Keralam – The Crown of Glory retains the right to pursue legal measures without opposition from the contestants should they be involved in such activities.
  6. The organizers will not cover expenses related to telephone calls, laundry, extra food, or any other personal expenses incurred by the contestants.
  7. The applicant acknowledges and accepts that any inappropriate behavior, negative implications, or misrepresentation of themselves or fellow participants, whether through spoken or written words or actions, will result in disqualification without exception.
  8. Accommodation will be provided on a twin-sharing basis, and contestants are required to adhere to the hotel’s regulations without exception.
  9. There is an initial entry fee, and once selected, contestants will be responsible for a specific fee to advance to the next levels. The contestant commits to promptly settling the required fees for the second level when requested by the Company. Failure to make this payment within the Company’s specified timeframe may result in the cancellation of the contestant’s participation in the Competition, following the Company’s policy.
  10. The fee paid by the contestant for subsequent levels and beyond is strictly non-refundable under any circumstances, whether in full or in part. The Company reserves the right to retain the fee amount in case of Competition cancellation, rejection, withdrawal of the contestant’s application, or any other reason whatsoever.
  11. The contestant acknowledges that the judges’ and Mrs Keralam’s decisions shall be ultimate and binding.
  12. Contestants must abide by the rules and regulations and code of conduct of the Competition/Company.
  13. Contestants must not communicate with Judges before or during the competition, and any attempt to do so will result in disqualification.
  14. Mrs. Keralam reserves the right to utilize the contestant’s provided photographs, videos, and other materials for promotional purposes and future endeavors. The contestant agrees not to raise objections or seek compensation for this granted right.
  15. Mrs Keralam disclaims any responsibility for financial loss, property damage, or physical injuries incurred by contestants during their participation in the Competition and Company-organized events. Contestants join the Competition at their own risk and liability.
  16. The company reserves the right to modify the Rules and Regulations as it deems necessary, without prior notice or communication to the contestants. Contestants are required to accept and adhere to any changes or modifications to these terms and conditions during and after the competition without objection.
  17. All legal dispute are subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai court

We are actively searching for the upcoming Mrs. Keralam – The Crown of Glory Season 1, who can showcase Keralam’s exceptional talents on the global stage of Mrs. India – Empress of the Nation