The Crown of Glory: GNG Mrs Keralam Season 1 Grand Finale Shines at Radisson Blu, Kochi

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The Crown of Glory: GNG Mrs Keralam Season 1 Grand Finale Shines at Radisson Blu, Kochi

Kochi, India – 24 February, 2024 – The stage was set, and the spotlight shone brightly on the exquisite grand finale of GNG Mrs Keralam – The Crown of Glory Season 1, held at Radisson Blu, Kochi. The event marked a spectacular culmination of beauty, grace, and talent, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

The grand evening commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by esteemed dignitaries, including Deepa Prasanna, the founder of GNG Mrs Keralam, along with Anjana Mascarenhas and Karl Mascarenhas, the founders of Diva Pageants. The esteemed panel of jury members, comprising luminaries such as Amara S Pallavi, Apeksha Dabral, Karl Mascarenhas, and Sri Arin Chandra Bose, ex-DYSP of Kochi, added depth and expertise to the event.

Under the two distinguished categories of Gold and Silver, the contestants showcased their unparalleled charm and talent. In the Silver category, Mrs. Vrinda Vijayakumar emerged victorious, while Amitha Elias and Dr. Shilpa Sasikumar claimed the 1st and 2nd runner-up positions respectively. In the Gold category, Priyankaa Kannan clinched the winner’s crown, with Jayalakshmi Divakaran and Nasima Kunju securing the 1st and 2nd runner-up titles.


Deepa P with winners of GNG Mrs. Keralam Season 1 2024
Deepa Prasanna with the winners of 2024 GNG Mrs. Keralam

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Additionally, there was a special crown awarded as GNG Mrs. Inspirational to Anitha Sekhar, a 62-year-old professor, recognizing her exceptional spirit and contribution

The pageant not only celebrated beauty but also embraced Kerala’s cultural ethos through exquisite hand-painted sarees by MuralPriya and stunning gowns designed by the students of Cindrebay School of Design. The entire showcase was meticulously choreographed by Jude Felix, an internationally acclaimed show director, and choreographer.

Adding the final touches of glamour, Sabitha Zawariya, along with students from the Lakmé Institute, served as the official makeup partners for the contestants. Meanwhile, Thanu’s Signature took charge as the official makeup partner for the core team of GNG Mrs Keralam. The captivating moments of the event were expertly captured by the talented team of Tony Photography.

Before the grand finale, contestants underwent four days of intensive grooming under the guidance of industry stalwarts including Karl Mascarenhas, Anajana Mascarenhas, Apeksha Dabral, and Cicilia Sanyal, the image coach, and Mrs India – The Empress of the Nation winner 2021.

The success of GNG Mrs Keralam Season 1 Grand Finale stands as a testament to the collective efforts of all involved, from the organizers to the contestants, in creating an unforgettable celebration of beauty, talent, and Kerala’s rich cultural heritage.

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