Meet Deepa Prasanna

Armed with an MBA in HR and a Diploma in HR, she brings over 13 years of enriching experience garnered from her journey across some of the most renowned multinational corporations spanning various industries including FMCG and Investment banking. Her profound insights and innovative approach to HR practices have contributed to the success of multiple organizations.


Notably, Deepa’s achievements extend beyond the boardroom. In 2023, she earned the prestigious title of “Diva Fitness 2023” at the Mrs. India – Empress of the Nation pageant organized by Diva Pageants. Her unwavering dedication to various pursuits is further highlighted by her role as a finalist in the Mrs. India 2023 competition. Deepa’s versatility knows no bounds as she delves into activities such as baking, singing, and dancing, showcasing her ability to pour her heart and soul into every endeavor she undertakes.


Deepa is a fervent advocate for women’s empowerment. Her passion for social causes is palpable, and she actively contributes to initiatives that uplift and empower women. With her innate ability to connect, inspire, and uplift those around her, Deepa envisions a world where women stand shoulder to shoulder, driving positive change and progress.